Breathing New Life into Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s Planned Giving Materials

At Dot Think Design, we relish the opportunity to turn challenging design projects into engaging visual experiences. Our latest endeavor involved revamping the planned giving brochure and one-pager for Fairfield County’s Community Foundation—documents that had remained untouched for eight years.

A Fresh Look

We infused the materials with a modern and vibrant aesthetic, replacing dated visuals with contemporary graphics and layouts. This transformation not only updated the look but also made the content more appealing and engaging.

Custom Iconography

To further enhance visual communication, we developed custom icons. These icons serve as intuitive visual cues, guiding readers through the complex information with ease.

Bright and Fun Elements

Balancing the serious nature of planned giving, we incorporated bright and playful elements. This approach draws viewers in, making the topic more approachable and inviting.

Our thoughtful redesign has not only modernized the foundation’s materials but also made them more effective in conveying their mission.

By blending fresh aesthetics, engaging icons, and a playful touch, we’ve helped Fairfield County’s Community Foundation communicate their message in a way that truly resonates.