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An Interactive Journey With Women Who Rock {The New York Times article}

Rock Ruled by Women Here at Dot Think, we never fail to take notice and cheer when we see women stepping up, taking the lead and changing the world. And we never stop searching for new playlists that inspire us to push forward, kick ass and keep on rockin’ in the free world. So when […]

Mastering the brand challenge – authenticity & heart {Heineken Ad}

Is there more that unites than divides us? Participant A: “I would describe myself as a feminist, 100%.” Participant B: “Feminism today is man hating.” In keeping up with our daily dose of media, it can feel like our differences are so great and so hopeless to bridge that perhaps we just let this bridge […]

LAUNCHED: WERS 88.9FM’s New Website

WERS 88.9FM: An elevation of content. Dot Think has partnered with WERS 88.9FM to redesign and elevate their content, with a discerning audience in mind – people looking to discover and connect with great alternative music. By creating a site that streams the station 24 hours a day, Dot Think delivered a website that makes it easy for music […]

8 tips for promoting your business on social media

  It’s 2017 and social media continues to be all of the things. On one hand, it’s noisy and distracting. Our Facebook feeds present a never-ending stream of puppy videos and political scandal…and what superhuman can navigate this emotional hurricane without distraction? However, we keep coming back for more because there’s no denying it; social […]

Celebrating Black History Month: The Power of Design to Influence Change

“The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.” —W.E.B. Du Bois Dear Friends and Community, February marks a month of remembrance for the accomplishments of black men and women. We celebrate the well known figures as well as the everyday heroes; those who led the charge towards equality for their families and […]

Yoga Service Initiative gby lululemon

Dot Think Design Branding an online Yoga Service Course

(Stratford, CT) As part of a $25 million-dollar commitment to increase access to the healing benefits of yoga, lululemon athletica inc. has engaged Stratford-based agency Dot Think Design to name, brand and design a web-based yoga service training that will be offered through the Give Back Yoga Foundation. In September 2016, lululemon launched its “Here […]