Unleashing Potential: How We Helped the Werth Center Empower Housatonic Students

At Dot Think Design, we’re passionate about igniting innovation. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the Werth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Housatonic Community College (HCC). Our mission? To create a dynamic brand identity and marketing campaign that would inspire HCC’s talented student body, particularly Gen Z, to explore their entrepreneurial spirit.

Building a Brand for Bold Dreamers

The first step was crafting a brand that resonated with HCC’s diverse student population. We knew the ideal client was a motivated, 21+ year old with a vision for their future. They weren’t afraid to break the mold and craved the tools to launch their ideas.

To reflect this idea, we designed a logo that embodies the act of starting a business; a person in a circle, literally launching upward! This dynamic image perfectly captures the essence of the Werth Center’s mission – propelling students toward entrepreneurial success. The color palette for the brand is professional yet approachable, using clean lines and a mix of bold and bright colors that convey the excitement of starting a new venture alongside the reliable support offered by the Center.

“Unlimited Possibilities”: A Campaign to Spark Action

Next, we focused on crafting a campaign strategy dubbed “Unlimited Possibilities.” This message resonated with Gen Z’s desire to break free from limitations and forge their own paths.

The campaign featured powerful headlines like “Generational Wealth is a Vibe” and “I am Unlimited Possibilities.” These statements were paired with captivating images of young, hopeful HCC students, further emphasizing the idea that anyone can achieve success with the right support.

Spreading the Word Across Campus

To ensure maximum reach, we developed a multi-pronged marketing strategy. Eye-catching window signage, posters, and pop-up graphics were strategically placed across campus, grabbing student attention in high-traffic areas like the cafeteria and the Werth Center itself. We partnered with Dave Stowe at AlphaGraphics Stamford for the production and installation of signage, posters and graphics.

We also created branded swag, including t-shirts and stickers, to generate excitement and encourage students to become walking advertisements for the Werth Center.

The campaign wasn’t just about visuals. We also developed a fun and informative quiz that helped students discover their entrepreneurial spirit. This interactive element not only engaged students but also provided valuable insights for the Werth Center.

The Werth Center: Your Launchpad to Success

The Werth Center is a one-stop shop for aspiring student entrepreneurs. From brainstorming workshops to personalized coaching, the Center equips students with the tools and resources they need to develop their ideas, launch businesses, and secure funding.

HCC’s students are brimming with potential.  They just need the right support system.  The Werth Center bridges the gap, providing the guidance, network, and resources that can take a student’s dream from concept to reality.

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Potential?

If you’re a student at Housatonic Community College with a burning entrepreneurial spirit, the Werth Center is here for you. Visit their website or stop by the Center to learn more about their services and how they can help you turn your vision into a thriving business. Remember, you have “Unlimited Possibilities” – and the Werth Center is there to help you achieve them!