Looking Back to Move Forward

Hey Fellow Sojourner, 

Each year, as we close out the books for the previous year, I take the week between Christmas and the New Year to look back and reflect on myself as a leader and designer, as well as looking intentionally at the business to identify pain points, wins and make a plan for the next year. A big part of that is CELEBRATING the things, big and small, that we’ve accomplished this year.

As 2021 comes to a close (admittedly not the shining star as years go), are you taking a look back? I know you do great work. I would love to celebrate with you. Reply and let me know your wins!

My biggest WIN is the kitten that we rescued behind the Dot Think offices (shoutout to neighbor Twig Lips for finding our sweet “Twigs”!).

But your partnership is what brings us the most joy. It is our passion to help socially-conscious brands like yours evolve in order to connect with the people they want to reach – with clarity, authenticity, and purpose. From websites for nonprofits that feed and house people and connect cancer patients and scientists, to creative showcases for a florist and $12 million dollar home, it is our honor to serve you, our clients, as you make the world a brighter, better place to live.

We are looking forward to connecting with you in the New Year. As we look into 2022, we will be sharing the way that we work with brands to find their 2.0. Ready to get started? I have a few spots in January for a free consult. Grab yours and let’s talk.

Happy New Year! 
Corti Cooper
Principal & Creative Director
Dot Think Design