The grind is not a vibe.

It’s easy to make big targets in the New Year and be depressed by mid-January because COVID / work / winter / procrastination. Of course, that’s not me. I have reached all my goals.

There is research that suggests we’re doing ourselves a disservice by creating resolutions that demand an outcome.

The same thing applies to your brand / website / book / product launch / NFT collection. Instead of jumping into the big plan or get it done, we recommend stepping back and getting perspective.

The first step, as we talked about in our last email, is taking a look back, celebrating wins and identifying opportunities for growth.

Next up, finding perspective…

No brand is a monolith. Each lives in the minds of its customers, partners and employees within the context of their individual stories. Consider polling your best customers, team members and the leadership team to see if they are aligned with the vision of the organization.

Our signature Brand 2.0 workshop is a half-day team-building exercise that allows you and your team to align, regroup and draw closer together. It is the buy-in of our team members, supporters and ambassadors that makes the brand story authentic and effective with connecting with your customer.

And we’re giving you the tools to do it yourself with your team in four simple steps.

  1. Download our Brand 2.0 worksheet.
  2. Ask your team and brand ambassadors to fill it out.
  3. Schedule a time to review how each of you views your brand differently.
  4. Document your findings and make a plan for up-leveling your brand.

Want to bounce your ideas around, or need help turning your findings into strategy? We’re here. Book a 20-minute convo and let’s get clear on your next moves.

And, stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share with you how we approach a rebrand and website build and discuss tactics and tools that help us along the way. (I promise, there will be many jokes). In the meantime, let’s have coffee. We need connection, not isolation. This winter of our collective discontent is for the birds.

See you in the metaverse,
Corti Cooper
Principal & Creative Director
Dot Think Design