From Hidden Gem to Berkshires Beacon: Unleashing the Magic of The Porches Inn

Deep in the Berkshires, where whispers of wind rustle through ancient trees and art pulses in the very air, lies a treasure waiting to be unveiled. The Porches Inn, steeped in history and nestled alongside the acclaimed MASS MoCA, has been a haven for souls seeking solace and creativity for more than two decades. But just like any diamond in the rough, it can take a little expert polishing to make a gem truly shine.

That’s where Dot Think Design came in.

Following guideposts mapped in our signature Brand Discovery 2.0, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of The Porches Inn and weave it into a digital tapestry that meshed seamlessly with its breathtaking backdrop.

Step one was crafting a user experience that evoked the Inn’s own welcoming ambience. With every click and scroll, viewers can lose themselves in a curated collection of distinctive moments – from sun-drenched breakfasts on a private porch to the captivation of a tour of the MASS MoCA’s modern masterpieces.

Then came the words: not just copy, but storytelling that brought to life the crackling fireplaces, cozy corners, and gentle hum of artistic energy that defines a stay at Porches. From the pleasure of feeling the heated slate beneath your feet at Porches’ all-season pool to the reverence evoked by following age-old footsteps through primeval forest paths, the Northern Berkshires was brought to life through vibrant and evocative language.

But because a beautiful website is just the canvas, we didn’t stop there. Business goals were woven into the very fabric of the site, ensuring that users were strategically engaged from first click to return visit. Booking tools were seamlessly integrated across the site, transforming browsing into effortless reservation-making. Exclusive packages – once hidden gems themselves – were elevated to center stage, showcasing curated experiences that invite users to not just stay, but connect and savor.

The result? A website that transcends mere digital brochure, and becomes a portal to a world of artistic immersion and Berkshire bliss. It’s a love letter to The Porches Inn that beckons travelers to step through its door and paint their own masterpiece.

Our work for Porches is a testament to our core belief that design isn’t just pixels on a screen. It’s a story told, an invitation extended, a promise made and kept. We didn’t just build a website; we built a bridge that connects hearts to the soul of the Berkshires, one click at a time.

Discover one-of-a-kind adventure at The Porches Inn at MASS MoCA.