XANADU: Branded from Property to Existential Visual Experience

A private paradise integrated seamlessly into the natural beauty of the Sound, this modernist fantasy is poised to be emergent. And, offered at $12 million or the cryptocurrency of the buyer’s choice, it’s ready for the discerning buyer who’s tapping into the next trend in luxury real estate: buying on the block chain.

With an entire floor dedicated to wellness – a yoga room, fitness center, squash court and indoor/outdoor pool –11 Bluewater Hill lives up to the definition of her name: Xanadu…an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty.

Our Dot Think team was chosen for the exciting task of building an experience that matches Xanadu’s effortless grace, power and beauty while communicating her purpose as a haven, a breath, a respite, a home.

Visuals for such a modern and progressive space must be as avant garde as Xanadu’s character. Leaning toward the inventive as opposed to the practiced, our task was not rooted in what luxury real estate marketing is doing, but in what Xanadu is saying.

The branding, logo and iconography we crafted speak to the name and the ethos of Xanadu: a mythical place where one can indulge every fantasy. Icons were created to represent the five elements of nature, and connected to elements of the property: Earth (architecture), Water (pool), Fire (living spaces), Air (rooftop and views), and Space (exterior spaces).

We then created a custom website to showcase Xanadu’s avante-garde elements of design and coveted views of Long Island Sound, sculpting a rich visual experience for visitors. And, with a print invitation and on-brand email marketing, we channeled Spaces’ unique voice and presence to amplify and elevate their presence in Connecticut’s luxury real estate market, inviting prospective buyers to explore this modern-day pleasure palace both in the metaverse and IRL.

Even among exclusive and luxury spaces, property websites and branding can have a cookie-cutter feel and outdated user experience., It was our delight to innovate a branding and marketing experience for Spaces that takes luxury real estate marketing to new levels.

Spaces Connecticut
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Every space has its own unique story and aesthetic. Carrie & Virginia, a mother and daughter real estate team, have a passion for capturing that essence through targeted long-term strategy. They make properties shine above the noise through high-end video, online brochure pages, events and tailored marketing.

Learn more Spaces, named the top luxury team 2020 by ReMax Heritage, on their website, also by Dot Think Design.

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