LAUNCHED: WERS 88.9FM’s New Website

WERS 88.9FM: An elevation of content.

Dot Think has partnered with WERS 88.9FM to redesign and elevate their content, with a discerning audience in mind – people looking to discover and connect with great alternative music.

By creating a site that streams the station 24 hours a day, Dot Think delivered a website that makes it easy for music lovers to discover high-quality artists, explore music reviews and enjoy in-studio performances. The centerpiece of the site is a high-def digital streaming player, powered by TuneGenie, that informs listeners about the current song, while allowing them to click through to the playlist and find out more about the artists. It also supports site-wide navigation without interrupting the music, allowing WERS to expand their way of reaching customers with music reviews, video features of in-studio performances and more. The video features work seamlessly with the player, which automatically pauses the live stream audio when a video starts. The music starts again when the video finishes, or when the user navigates away from the video.

Dot Think also rose to the challenge of supporting with its objective of converting listeners to supporters by creating a robust blog, and providing a strategy and structure for content marketing. Consistently cited as the mostly highly rated and critically acclaimed college radio station in the country, WERS is listener-funded. Now, easily editable sections throughout the site offer a structure for promoting membership drives, while a site-wide donation button aims to capture more contributions. And with a new Join the Movement section and Ways to Give page, listeners can see a quick snapshot of options for giving, how to become a member, and ways to engage with the music community.

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We are dedicated to making the world a better (sounding) place.

Art, music and public radio are essential cornerstones in a civilized society. With funding for the arts threatened, we are honored to collaborate with leaders in the Boston music community to maintain access to this key resource. WERS 88.9FM offers a public, commercial-free listening experience that blends curated classics with new discoveries and live music. And now, they have a web presence that reflects their ambitions.

Dot Think supports Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, Y12SR, the Foundation for MetroWest and Elephant Journal, among others.