An Interactive Journey With Women Who Rock {The New York Times article}

Rock Ruled by Women

Here at Dot Think, we never fail to take notice and cheer when we see women stepping up, taking the lead and changing the world. And we never stop searching for new playlists that inspire us to push forward, kick ass and keep on rockin’ in the free world.

So when The New York Times published an interactive article this week showcasing 25 female-led or non-binary bands making the best rock music today, we held a virtual team celebration on Slack to celebrate a content jackpot.

Responding to the question, “Where have the guitars gone?” the piece introduces us to a new generation of musicians who are creating unique and revolutionary punk rock. Experience the whole story here.

Pulling together refreshing sound, a contagious sense of solidarity and the smart utility of digital media, this story is cutting-edge while cutting the edges of gender conformity. Reflecting the D.I.Y style of the featured musicians, the multi-media article is constructed from text, videos, gifs and playlists that visitors can click through at their own pace – a rich case study for engaging content (not to mention a rewarding way to spend a lunch break).

Navigating Obstacles While Making Noise

Skillfully woven between sound bytes and video interviews, the women featured in the story are asked about their experiences navigating roadblocks in the industry and society.

“Do you play the keyboard? Whose girlfriend are you?”

As women in tech, reading these stories are cathartic because we know this life! And we don’t get down about it because at next click we get a recording of “Somos Chulos” by Downtown Boys.

We’re in love with any frontwoman who says, “I really learned how to sing by practicing protest chants.”

Thanks, New York Times, for taking a hard look into challenging realities while balancing this with an empowering response. It’s revolutionary journalism – not just voyeurism, but an inspiration to action.

Our world has been rocked in a way that feels right. And if you need us, we’ll be listening to the full Spotify playlist: “Rock’s Not Dead, It’s Ruled By Women.”


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