LAUNCHED: Elephant Journal’s Holiday Gift Guide

Giving mindfully this season: Elephant Journal’s Ethical Holiday Gift Guide

Dot Think partnered with Elephant Journal to design and develop a Holiday Gift Guide that would present and organize ethical products from around the world. From Himalayan Serenity Salt Bowls to Mantra Leggings in Vector Print, the products make a statement and this is exactly where we want the focus – the products.

Tech Specs:

Created as a custom post type in the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), it is easy for the Elephant Journal team to add products, add text and upload images. Additionally, the gift guide for Elephant Journal was built with scalability in mind allowing the team to continue to use the technology past the holiday season. Finally, with 70% of Elephant Journal’s users on mobile, the site was designed mobile first and QA tested across devices to maximize reach for an international viewing audience with a wide range of devices.

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Elephant Journal is an online platform dedicated to connecting a mindful community while sharing the good word about the Mindful Life. With nearly 10 million readers a month, they are truly spreading the word and making an impact.

Founded March 26, 2009 with a simple philosophy: “It’s about the mindful life” they are dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society.  We are proud to work with Elephant Journal to further their cause and spread their message, a message we feel facilitates forward movement.

Dot Think is proud to have supported the technology behind Elephant Journal since 2015.

We are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Dot Think Design and all its counterparts are committed to supporting organizations that are actively engaged in building stronger communities. We are interested in engaging in work that is not just creative, but that can make a a positive impact on our neighbors. With these organizations, the passion for the mission is palpable – and all the more powerful when aided by the right visuals and messaging. As with any business, community-focused organizations can benefit from brand storytelling as a way to engage and connect with their demographic.

Dot Think supports Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, the Foundation for MetroWest and Elephant Journal, among others.