LAUNCHED: MetroWest Digital Annual Report

The Foundation for MetroWest’s Digital Annual Report: An interactive report to reach a broader audience.

Dot Think partnered with MetroWest to create a digital annual report that would have farther reach than a traditional print piece. The goal of the report is to highlight successes from the year and give donors and folks just learning about the Foundation a chance to get a snapshot of their mission, work and financials. A responsive site designed to reach the meet the user depending on their device, the home page takes the user through an overview of the impact, initiatives and financials. The interior pages dig deeper into the programs, highlight grantee stories and showcase the donors. Distribution of the report is being done through a dedicated integrated campaign including social media, email marketing and personalized letters and emails.

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The Foundation for MetroWest is a community foundation for the MetroWest region of Massachucettes. Founded in 1995 with a simple philosophy: “You can make a world of difference in your own backyard”, they are a resource, leader, and catalyst for philanthropy.  We are proud to work with them to further their cause and make an impact on the lives and hearts of the residents of MetroWest.

We are dedicated to making the world a better place.


Dot Think Design and all its counterparts are committed to supporting organizations that are actively engaged in building stronger communities. We are interested in engaging in work that is not just creative, but that can make a a positive impact on our neighbors. With these organizations, the passion for the mission is palpable – and all the more powerful when aided by the right visuals and messaging. As with any business, community-focused organizations can benefit from brand storytelling as a way to engage and connect with their demographic.

Dot Think supports Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, the Foundation for MetroWest and Elephant Journal, among others.