4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copy Writer for Your Website

Well thought-out content for your website is key to increasing conversion. Many people take a shot at writing their own content. The difficulty or success of writing your own website depends largely on your existing content, your time commitment and the desired goals for the new piece. We recommend hiring a professional copy writer for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

It’s the quickest way to move your project forward.

Your site has very specific design requirements. By organizing your content needs and generating a first draft that meets the specific requirements, a copywriter eliminates what can potentially be a lengthy back-and-forth between the client and the designer, so that you can launch sooner. The first draft offers a clear, specific starting point for future edits — whether you would like these to be done through a copywriter, or to work on them yourself.

Branded content is professional and impactful.

Most visitors to your website will decide within a few seconds whether they want to stay and read more, or to leave the site. An experienced web copywriter understands how to draft copy that is short, impactful, and clearly invites visitors to take a specific action. Additionally, proofreading services ensure that your site looks polished.

A solid plan can help control costs.

If you submit copy directly to the web designer that requires lengthy discussion and reformatting to meet your messaging/marketing goals and the site design requirements, it may expand the project scope of work and budget. We can help you make a plan for exactly what you want to communicate and steps you want users to take. A well thought out content outline is the foundation for a website that is on time and on budget.

You are not your biggest fan.

While you are the expert in all things about your business, you may not be the best person to tout the superiority of your talents and products. Many clients are, in fact, too humble in the way that they write about themselves. A branding company like Dot Think, will be not only be complementary but will also write in a tone and voice that will elevate your product and connect with the users. With your content highlighting the best of your business and engaging the users’ emotional intelligence, your website will convert users into customers.

Reach out today to discuss how we can elevate your online presence. Let’s get started.