Design, development and Infographics with a global impact

Dot Think Design brings campaigns for change to life

For its annual “Planet Over Plastic” challenge, Elephant Journal sought ways to reinvigorate and inspire readers toward mindful change. Dot Think Design worked closely with the editorial team at EJ to make the directives clear and accessible, delivered one day at a time. The collaboration resulted in user-friendly formats available in daily increments as both a slideshow and outlined as an infographic (below). We crafted inviting, simple and clean design to efficiently and effectively communicate 31 habits that can make a difference. 

What’s more, we changed too. Emily, our Director of Content Marketing, strategically stashes reusable bags in every nook and cranny for convenient access and a no-excuse approach for the family. Leslie, Media Manager, took it a step further, purchasing a retractable reusable stainless steel pocket straw, complete with brush and case. Corti, our Principal and Creative Director, still shamefully lured by single-use plastic bottles has developed all sorts of fun projects with them for her boys. Every step counts.