User experience design & development to bring folks together for a brighter tomorrow.

Dot Think Design has partnered with Fairfield County Community Foundation to redesign its website page-by-page. With WordPress at the helm, Dot Think interwove the best of technology, design and strategically-managed content to deliver a homepage that seamlessly highlights the organization.

With the mission of bringing people and resources together to solve our region’s challenges through innovative and collaborative solutions, the homepage prioritizes content in a way that invites passionate people to contribute.

From top-to-bottom, the design features FCCF’s mission, scopes the depth of the organization’s work, spotlights what’s new and summons individuals, families, corporations and companies in the area to make a difference.  The page closes with the blog, offering viewers the opportunity to explore FCCF’s impact and directly donate.

True to industry standards, the new page design is user-responsive and adapts to FCCF’s audience, comprised of 65% desktop, 30% mobile, and 5% tablet interfaces.

The result? An upgraded homepage with accessible function and composition, driven by the goal to inspire action and help people thrive.

Together, we can close the opportunity gap in Fairfield County by eliminating disparities in income, education, employment, housing and health.

Visit the site.

Connecting users to the inspired spaces and programs of Mill River Park

We have been partnering with Mill River Park Collaborative to audit their experience and brand, elevate their online presence and deliver a diverse set of content to their varied users. As part of the discovery process, Dot Think conducted an in-depth data analysis of their previous site’s traffic, behavior, geo-locations, usage statistics and more. The research resulted in a newly built site with a mobile-first approach. The site drives users to easy to use calendar and program pages so that local residents could find their events and activities and get to the park!

As a resource for the community to connect to nature, the mobile homepage is designed to be dynamic and easily changed by the staff so that seasonal offerings can be highlighted. Users are focused on three paths: visiting the park, understanding its mission as a collaborative, and contributing to its future.

The website also features a robust party and event planning section designed to inform customers of packages and options available as well as facilitate conversion through custom-designed conditional forms.

The result of our collaboration with the dedicated Mill River Park team? The seamless integration of technology and inspired action that betters the community.



Mill River Park

Mill River Park Collaborative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to creating and sustaining a world-class park in the heart of Downtown Stamford. Through the support of private donors, members and the City of Stamford, the Collaborative guides the long-term development of Mill River Park as a vibrant, evolving greenspace where the community can gather to relax, play, learn and connect with nature.

Dot Think Design

As a woman-owned & operated agency based in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Dot Think Design serves businesses and nonprofit organizations across the US with branding and marketing strategy, print and web design, social media and email campaigns. Clients include Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Town of Groton, Vita Design and more.

Fairfield County’s Giving Day Opens Opportunity to Give


Fairfield County’s 5th annual Giving Day is here! This dynamic 24-hour online fundraising event began at midnight on March 1st!

Over the past 4 years, Giving Day has raised over $4.5 million through 55,000+ donations for more than 650 nonprofits Serving Bridgeport, Fairfield, Stamford, Greenwich and towns across Fairfield County. As the biggest philanthropic day of the year, Giving Day is an amazing opportunity for regional nonprofits to boost funding, connect with donors, and build more awareness for their incredible work throughout the region.

Designing with Impact for a day of Significance

Responsible for Giving Day branding, Dot Think defined the general look and feel for all visual assets, notably the classic circle logo and all print ads. Working with long term client Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, the team delivered extra life into the graphics by utilizing animation for the official video, and even super-sized the Giving Day message onto a billboard. Bold text, crisp graphics and vibrant color blocks assembled beautifully to engage the community.

The clock is ticking!

You can be a philanthropist and support the causes nearest to your heart. On March 1, go to and search for the nonprofits you want to support with a donation. As little as $10 can make a difference to any one of the 437 participating nonprofits – and help your favorite organization win a cash prize so they can serve more people in Fairfield County.



Fairfield County’s Community Foundation promotes philanthropy as a means to create change in Fairfield County, focusing on innovative and collaborative solutions to critical issues impacting the community. Individuals, families, corporations and organizations can establish charitable funds or contribute to existing funds. The Community Foundation is in compliance with the Council on Foundations’ national standards and has awarded over $220 million in grants to nonprofits in Fairfield County and beyond. As a trusted nonprofit partner and thought leader, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation brings together community organizers, business experts and philanthropists to solve our region’s challenges. Our goal is to create a vital and inclusive community, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.



As a woman-owned & operated agency based in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Dot Think Design serves businesses and nonprofit organizations across the US with branding and marketing strategy, print and web design, social media and email campaigns. Clients include the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Cedar Roof Company, Town of Groton Parks & Recreation, Mill River Park, Cacace, Tusch & Santagata, Give Back Yoga Foundation, Vita Design and more.


Welcome to our new client: Mill River Park Collaborative

Mill River Park Collaborative Selects Dot Think to Nurture Brand & Media Strategies

Stamford, CT – With a goal of connecting more people to a natural refuge in the heart of downtown Stamford, Mill River Park Collaborative has retained Dot Think Design to complete a marketing audit and provide high-impact strategic support.

Mill River Park Collaborative (MRPC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works hand-in-hand with the public and the City of Stamford to bring about the long-cherished community vision of a central park in the heart of downtown. Its mission is made possible through members and donors, who fund most of the park’s annual budget and infrastructure.

As a vibrant, evolving community space, Mill River Park preserves 12 acres of greenway around Mill River, with more expansion to come. Park amenities include a playground, slated to be rebuilt with a splash pad in 2018; the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Skating Center, now under construction; and the David & Marian Nissen Carousel, available for rentals and birthday parties. MRPC also partners with local schools to provide first-class education on nature and environmental stewardship, with the Whittingham Discovery Center slated to open soon for education and interactive exhibits.

Sharing a Story, Inspiring Action.

Similar to the cherry blossom festival celebrated each spring in Mill River Park, bright online developments are set to emerge from this partnership. After completing a brand and marketing audit, Dot Think will collaborate with MRPC to forge a fresh path in content marketing, email marketing, and social media strategy.

Dot Think’s mission is to help nonprofits engage and convert potential donors through a holistic process of discovery, design, compelling storytelling and seamless integration of technology.

“At Dot Think, we believe passionately in the power of people coming together to do good. Nonprofits are the heart of our communities – and we want to use our experience to help your organization make an impact. Whatever your needs, we can be there for you – with the best tools, data to match your goals and access to industry gurus. Give me a call, and let’s talk about ways we can collaborate to magnify your reach and impact through thoughtful, authentic messaging.”

Corti Cooper
Principal & Creative Director, Dot Think Design

From the restoration of Mill River to bring back native flora and fauna to the ongoing creation of places to gather, play and learn, the park’s evolution is extending to the online landscape – and we at Dot Think are honored to support them.


Dot Think Design is a woman-owned & operated agency based in Fairfield County, CT that serves nonprofit and for-profit organizations across the US with branding and marketing strategy, print and web design, social media and email campaigns, technology solutions and development.


LAUNCHED: WERS 88.9FM’s New Website

WERS 88.9FM: An elevation of content.

Dot Think has partnered with WERS 88.9FM to redesign and elevate their content, with a discerning audience in mind – people looking to discover and connect with great alternative music.

By creating a site that streams the station 24 hours a day, Dot Think delivered a website that makes it easy for music lovers to discover high-quality artists, explore music reviews and enjoy in-studio performances. The centerpiece of the site is a high-def digital streaming player, powered by TuneGenie, that informs listeners about the current song, while allowing them to click through to the playlist and find out more about the artists. It also supports site-wide navigation without interrupting the music, allowing WERS to expand their way of reaching customers with music reviews, video features of in-studio performances and more. The video features work seamlessly with the player, which automatically pauses the live stream audio when a video starts. The music starts again when the video finishes, or when the user navigates away from the video.

Dot Think also rose to the challenge of supporting with its objective of converting listeners to supporters by creating a robust blog, and providing a strategy and structure for content marketing. Consistently cited as the mostly highly rated and critically acclaimed college radio station in the country, WERS is listener-funded. Now, easily editable sections throughout the site offer a structure for promoting membership drives, while a site-wide donation button aims to capture more contributions. And with a new Join the Movement section and Ways to Give page, listeners can see a quick snapshot of options for giving, how to become a member, and ways to engage with the music community.

View it Now >

We are dedicated to making the world a better (sounding) place.

Art, music and public radio are essential cornerstones in a civilized society. With funding for the arts threatened, we are honored to collaborate with leaders in the Boston music community to maintain access to this key resource. WERS 88.9FM offers a public, commercial-free listening experience that blends curated classics with new discoveries and live music. And now, they have a web presence that reflects their ambitions.

Dot Think supports Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, Y12SR, the Foundation for MetroWest and Elephant Journal, among others.


We’re in this together – Nonprofit Giving

Dear Friends,

We are grateful for you, our community of clients and collaborators. At Dot Think, we take joy in building brands and sharing the stories of those working to making the world a better place – artists, architects, musicians, direct service nonprofits, foundations, writers, journalists, lawyers and more. We are inspired that so many of you share our vision of inclusivity and love for all people, and are dedicated to creating a brighter future.

Join us, in giving to nonprofit organizations that celebrate diversity, denounce racism, feed the hungry, support single mothers in gaining higher education, provide tools for our veterans, share the joy of music and more. Let’s open doors for those who need a champion, and connect our hearts and minds in service. We are, after all, one world.


Corti Cooper




In this together with Give Back YogaGIVE BACK YOGA FOUNDATION

Sharing the healing benefits of trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness with underserved populations.



in this together with WERS88.9 WERS

Sharing the joy of music in Boston, and beyond. Run by students, supported by listeners.




Empowering women and girls, increasing access to the arts and helping young people to thrive in Fairfield County.




Teaching our children to celebrate diversity, treat all with grace, and commit to service.



in this together with MWFOUNDATION FOR METROWEST

Feeding the hungry, strengthening communities and fostering the next generation of philanthropists in the greater Boston area.



in this together with Y12SRYOGA OF 12-STEP RECOVERY

Integrating the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12-step programs to heal all who are impacted by addiction.




Supporting veterans, including those coping with PTSD, to find peace, strength and resilience through yoga and mindfulness.



in this together with EBTEAT BREATHE THRIVE

Fostering positive body image and supporting long-term recovery from eating disorders through yoga and community.



in this together with splcSOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER

Standing up to racial and social injustice on behalf of those who have no other champion.




Dot Think Design is a woman-owned & operated agency based in Fairfield County, CT that serves nonprofit and for-profit organizations across the US with branding and marketing strategy, print and web design, social media and email campaigns, technology solutions and development.


LAUNCHED: MetroWest Digital Annual Report

The Foundation for MetroWest’s Digital Annual Report: An interactive report to reach a broader audience.

Dot Think partnered with MetroWest to create a digital annual report that would have farther reach than a traditional print piece. The goal of the report is to highlight successes from the year and give donors and folks just learning about the Foundation a chance to get a snapshot of their mission, work and financials. A responsive site designed to reach the meet the user depending on their device, the home page takes the user through an overview of the impact, initiatives and financials. The interior pages dig deeper into the programs, highlight grantee stories and showcase the donors. Distribution of the report is being done through a dedicated integrated campaign including social media, email marketing and personalized letters and emails.

View it Now >


The Foundation for MetroWest is a community foundation for the MetroWest region of Massachucettes. Founded in 1995 with a simple philosophy: “You can make a world of difference in your own backyard”, they are a resource, leader, and catalyst for philanthropy.  We are proud to work with them to further their cause and make an impact on the lives and hearts of the residents of MetroWest.

We are dedicated to making the world a better place.


Dot Think Design and all its counterparts are committed to supporting organizations that are actively engaged in building stronger communities. We are interested in engaging in work that is not just creative, but that can make a a positive impact on our neighbors. With these organizations, the passion for the mission is palpable – and all the more powerful when aided by the right visuals and messaging. As with any business, community-focused organizations can benefit from brand storytelling as a way to engage and connect with their demographic.

Dot Think supports Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, the Give Back Yoga Foundation, the Foundation for MetroWest and Elephant Journal, among others.